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Fuller Encyclopedia Of Mathematical Physics. Contents list by subject. Kant Introduction to probability and statistics for engineers and scientists by Sheldon M. Ross The fast Fourier transform: An introduction to its theory and application by E. Dritter Roman des Skylark- Zyklus. Noriega The grand convergence: economic and political aspects of human progress by James A. Hempel by James H. Alexander Why Girls Can't Throw Schein Deadly Quarrels: Lewis F. Huan auth. Krishnamurti Choiceless Awareness by J. Quine's theory of knowledge by Roger F. Fogel Manual didactico de la guitarra flamenca, Vol.

International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers. Taylor What Can Live in a Desert? Vasquez Genre, relevance and global coherence: the pragmatics of discourse type by Christoph Unger Chaotic vibrations: an introduction for applied scientists and engineers by Francis C. Applegate Mastermind: the many faces of the 9 11 architect, Khalid Shailk Mohammed by Richard Miniter Present discontents: American politics in the very late twentieth century by Byron E. Alan Wallace Lehrbuch Sozialpsychologie.

Chang The art of astute investing: building wealth with no-load mutual funds by C. Butcher Dynamic memory: a theory of reminding and learning in computers and people by Roger C. Barnes Ach so! Tobias Lanz Fallbuch der Klinischen Kinderpsychologie und -psychotherapie, 2. Apfel The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti, Perennial Questions by J. Sweely Political geography of medieval Bulgaria. The Acquisition of Logging Data by O. Serra Eds. Clarke What Can Live in a Grassland? McKean Vector methods applied to diff. Stychin Political culture and national identity in Russian - Ukrainian relations.

Ewald The mathematics of derivatives: tools for designing numerical algorithms by Robert L. McAdoo Real computing made real: preventing errors in scientific calculations by Forman S. Baker Polymer Nanotube Nanocomposites. Synthesis, Properties, and Applications by Mittal V. Auctor and Actor. Schumann Art of Computer Programming. Baligh The Ms. Giroux Gesammelte Schriften. Pullum by Laura L. Trigosso, Roberto Carlos The relationship between family backgrounds, parent perceptions and behaviors of parent involvement. Van Wyck, James M Reading minds, bodies, and souls: Nineteenth century evangelical fiction and its legacy.

Volpe, Carolyn Ann The relationship of parenting styles and birth order to problem solving styles. Vukov, Joseph Michael Consciousness Empowered. Welikson, Gregory Andrew Experiences of unemployment in young adulthood following the economic recession. Willis, Charlotte Rene The disabled pastoral ideal in early twentieth-century American literature and culture. Woodbine, Linda Coming home: Post incarcerated lived experience of a caring community. Yeghnazar, Heather The role of attachment schemata in false recognition of relational information.

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Brano, Anthony Alfred Acts of oblivion: The politics of remembering, forgetting, and forgiving on the Restoration stage, Brown, Stanton Louis Exploring the district-wide school counselor leader's role in creating a college readiness culture. Burke, Erin M Combinatorial fusion analysis: Applications for cyber security and e-discovery. Cavanagh, Andrew J Teacher networks in the climate of comprehensive education reform: A network analysis of district-wide social capital flow. Clauser, Patricia Parenting style as it relates to parenting stress and behavioral outcomes in children with autism.

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Diskin Monahan, Megan Elizabeth Hawai'i's twentieth century working women: Labor feminists in their own right. Di Tillio, Caterina How does the role of the assistant principal impact students' learning outcomes. Donovan, Meredith Jeta "Make up your mind in the moment": Language ideologies of multiple discourses and code-switching.

Dowell, Stephanie Ann Spatial and temporal patterns of genetic variation in native and introduced populations of the Nile monitor Varanus niloticus. Durante, Mary Ellen Teaching children to pray: An essential dimension of religious education in a postmodern age. Essene, Adam Lang Decoupling environmental filtering and host specificity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in a Bornean lowland tropical rainforest.

Foley, Tara C 'Nuisance control': The discourse of zoning and the modern American city, Gallagher, Michael J A nonparametric approach to multifactor modeling. Giardino, Joseph Black The impact of weight stigma on decisions about weight loss surgery. Green, David Brief religious sensitization intervention with psychologists administering therapy: An initial study. Grochowalski, Joseph H Estimation and psychometric analysis of component profile scores via multivariate generalizability theory.

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Holloway, Evan David Risk assessment and case planning by juvenile probation officers: The role of trauma. Hu, Xingming A defense of truth monism. Jurdem, Laurence R Paving the way for Reagan: Journals of conservative opinion and the crystallization of Republican foreign policy Karp, Sophie Hidden biases of psychological clinicians against mothers of children with anorexia nervosa. Kelley, Brian Christopher Readers' affective reactions and responses when engaged in the literary reading of sequential art. Kim, Choong Yuk Religious coping as a mediator between God attachment and mental health among Korean immigrants.

Kozelka, Susan Jean Executive function inhibition as moderator of the anxiety-intelligence relationship. Krivak, John A Heterologous embryo transfer as an act of adoption: A moral analysis based on a Catholic theology of adoption. Kwan, E. Sarah Internalized stereotypes and ethnic identity as predictors of self-esteem and help-seeking in Chinese Americans. Lamont, Tracey Transitioning through relativism: Nurturing a sense of shared moral responsibility in young adulthood.

Lecker, Christina Client perceptions of the fee in community mental health centers. Lipperini, Patricia T Fashioning her pilgrimage: Religious education and the young adult mother. Liu, Xiaoming A social problem-solving approach to attention shifting in working memory of children with autism spectrum disorder.

SEEJ Table of Contents

Long, Katherine Cost-effectiveness analysis of a school-based social and emotional learning and literacy intervention. Longmore, Catherine Cognitive and sociopolitical constructs of writing proficiency on a New York English Regents examination. Lopes, Gianluigi Embraced by the locals: Perception and acceptance of foreign aid. Lopez, Deena Microclimatic and regional factors influencing the distribution and invasive potential of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in New York. Love, Hugh Tullos Potential moderators of masculinity ideology and health risk in college Black men.

Lundquist, Catherine Observing self-efficacy in kindergarten circle time and beginning reading. Macey, Suzanne Bog turtle Glyptemys muhlenbergii nesting ecology: Implications for conservation and management. MacKenzie, Amy A survey of transition practices for high school students with learning disabilities. Mancusi, Lauren M The effects of social comparison and disgust on evaluating appearance related stimuli in body dysmorphia.

Morris, Blair W The role of emotion dysregulation in non-suicidal self-injury among treatment seeking adolescents. Nevitt, Turner C Aquinas on essence and existence. Ngadi, Evette Marie the impact of governance change on principal leadership: The new Catholic school academy model. Nolan, Brian Joseph The grace of baptism: A practical program for baptism preparation for parents in the spirit of the new evangelization.

Palla, Brendan Blanchard Thomas Aquinas and two problems for free choice. Pearce, Marcia Monique Motivating Black students through literature: Surveying juniors and seniors in a religious high school. Pecoraro, Brandon Why don't voters 'Put the Gini back in the bottle'? Pellecchia, Susan Teaching with primary sources: The overlap between historical thinking and critical literacy. Pierre, Yvrose Ableism: Refuting the marginalization of disabled students by empowering school leaders. Prater, Kimberly A Illness representation, coping, and treatment outcome in substance use disorders.

Quinsland, Kirk Interactive performance and the early modern stage. Rapaglia, Eric Dean Must God create a world? Aquinas's answer and Kretzmann's critique. Reinhard, Kathryn L Recognizing the spirit: An ecclesial pneumatology. Reshetnyak, Evgeniya Estimation of heterogeneity of treatment effect using EM algorithm. Rice, Jaime Lyn Developmental differences in attributions and self-worth among students with and without learning disabilities. Rossbach, Kathryn Helen Multicultural personality, cultural intelligence, everyday multicultural competence, and their relation to positive psychology factors.

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Tortorici, Kristin Marie Examining the role of classroom environment on peer comparisons and academic outcomes among preadolescents. Trapani, Angela Marie Social-emotional development in emerging adulthood: Factors related to social adjustment in college. Turco, Samantha Rosemary The impact of elaborative interrogation training on academic achievement and metacognitive awareness. Valfredini, Alessia A collective case study of the mediational tools used by undergraduates in academic writing across languages.

Valle, Maria Trinidad Media narratives on Mapuche hunger strikes in Chile: Constructing ethnic, national and gender identities. Wellbrock, Gary Survey of elementary reading assessments for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. White, Katherine Elizabeth "We out here": Skateboarding, segregation and resistance in the Bronx.

ETD Collection for Fordham University

Whitney, Jessica Lennon Caring for a son with anorexia: The psychosocial impact on mothers. Whorley, Sarah Brooke Bioassessment of agricultural effects on streams using biochemical compounds in benthic algae. Wijetunga, Charity An examination of the relationship between psychopathy and recidivism in juvenile sex offenders. Williams, Jessica Marie Advergames as a developmental challenge to children's processing of persuasive messages. Wood, Justine A Central bank transparency: Examining volatility in output and financial markets. Zolnik, Christine Patricia Temporal and spatial dynamics of the internal microbial community of an important disease vector, the blacklegged tick Ixodes scapularis.

Alberts, Allison Adair Female suffering in medieval and early modern literature. Angert Weinberg, Leah Effects of note-taking strategies and transcription fluency on students' performance after viewing a video. Anthony, Jared Shannon Examining task-specific measures and student learning strategies in context. Auld, Daniel Patrick Flow and learning in computer-mediated learning environments: A meta-analytic review.

Becker, Joanna Leigh Presence of a dog on executive functioning and stress in children with emotional disorders. Bennett, Randi The neural correlates of emotion dysregulation in children with autism spectrum disorder. Bhalla, Rukmini Vohra Cyberbullying victimization, self-blame, and teacher and peer support: A moderational analysis.

Bleasdale, Jane Elizabeth Moving from tolerance to inclusion in Jesuit high schools: A matter of justice. Bonanno, Caitlin M A school-based bibliotherapy intervention for hostile attribution of intent for preschoolers. Bo, Yuanchao An option-based partial credit item response model. Buzick, Alexander Fragmentary tragic poetry in Cicero.

Byrnes, Karen P Educational and religious sanctuary: The church and young adult identity negotiation. Cardinale, Matthew John Achievement goals and causal attributions of students with characteristics of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism. Coddett, Andrea Shaun Perceptions of the building-level union representative in principal-teacher collaboration.

Colaitis, Spiro Chris Impact of character education on student behavior as perceived by staff members. Collins, Jennifer Marie An essay on moral responsibility in a global age. Comeau-Kirschner, Cheryl Training in the writing center: Senior administrator and tutor perspectives on English language learner best practices.

Crowe, Katherine Bassell Mindfulness, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, and executive dysfunction: An exploratory study. Dadabo, Dina Retrospective and current perceptions of classroom climate on engagement and achievement in high school. Davis, Henry Joseph Beloved co-laborers: A leadership framework from leo xiii's writings on the dignity of labor. DeBellis, Lisa M Participant-staff relationship quality and academic outcomes among elementary and middle school children in after-school programs.

DeMizio, Joanne Greenwald Values of Catholic science educators: Their impact on attitudes of science teaching and learning. Dockery, Ciara Interoceptive exposure and habituation for depersonalization and derealization symptoms in the treatment of panic disorder. Durkin, Daniel Myles Gender equity and condom use among married women in Zimbabwe.

Eckardt, Patricia N Teacher and student supportive academic discourse while engaged in small group fourth-grade literacy lessons. Engelmann, Stephanie Adult literacy education program administrators' perceptions of occupational stress and coping mechanisms. Feldman Messinger, Lindsay G Risk and protective factors for violence perpetration and substance use among a nationally representative sample of adolescents.

Fetridge, Evelyn Dey Experimental evolution and intragenomic homologous recombination in Escherichia coli. Fifelski, Julie Beth Imprinted products: Domestic manufactures and nineteenth century American literature. Forte, Giovanna Antonietta Professional women in their 30s: Expectations regarding career and family. Ganzhorn, Seth Reproduction, recruitment, and genetic diversity of the threatened tree species Manilkara maxima T. Gooding, Amanda L The relationship between baseline executive functioning and treatment response for individuals with mild cognitive impairment receiving cognitive rehabilitation.

Grabowski, Liza Zitelli Cognitive normativity and early American fiction. Gunn, Dennis C Toward infinite horizons of wonder: Bernard Lonergan's philosophy of education and the role of critical thinking in teaching religion in Catholic high schools. Haffey, William R Reducing bird-glass collisions: Testing patterned glass in a novel flight tunnel. Henry, Tamara R Religious education as resistance in hip-hop form: A liberative pedagogical approach for youth.

Herron, Fred W Not just a brick in the wall: The desire for God and the challenge of consumer culture. Holman, Caroline The role of pain in non-suicidal self-injury: Affect regulation during a painful paradigm. Illig, Jennifer Through a lens of likeness: Reading "English Wycliffite Sermons" in light of contemporary sermon texts. Kaufman's theology: Detraditionalization, identity and responsibility in an age of crisis. Jerson, Bradley The relationship between child- and adolescent-onset chronic medical illness, family connectedness, and transition to adulthood: A longitudinal analysis.

Killelea, Megan McGrail Self-perceived deficits in adults with traumatic brain injury: An exploratory, retrospective study.

How Was Life in Yugoslavia?

Kimpel, Jeanne Ellen Middle-class black and white homeowners on Long Island: The impact of social networks on their residential outcomes. Kolva, Elissa Medical treatment decision-making capacity and neuropsychological functioning in terminally ill cancer patients. LaCasse, Sara Patterson Adolescent outcomes in family-based treatment of anorexia nervosa: Single- versus two-parent families. Lam, Jonathan Use of the short term assessment of risk and treatability in a forensic facility: Examining the impact of suicide behavior on multiple risk outcomes. Leporati, Matthew Romantic-era epic poetry and the mission of empire.

Li, Jun Problem representation and academic performance in statistics. Liu, TsungMing Multi-robot exploration with space-based potential field map. Lord-Bessen, Jennifer Extraction of latent class progressions in a longitudinal study with applications in educational and behavioral science data. Luft, Susan Dialogic learning and collaboration through video chat in two first-grade classrooms.

MacDougall, Scott More than communion: Toward an eschatological ecclesiology. Marcus, James Charles Visual communication of uncertainty in continuous distributions. Marino, Cherylynn Assessing the problem solving styles, implicit beliefs, and resilience of West Point Cadets. Marquez, Yettieve Angelina Female senior student affairs officers at four-year public institutions: Pathways to advancement. Masty, Jessica Katherine A functional assessment of selective mutism.

Matos-Elefonte, Haifa Learning behaviors and attitudes, problem-solving styles, and mathematics performance. May, Maria Cecilia The effects of text complexity on the oral reading prosody of fifth-grade students. Meyer, Eric Daryl Theological anthropology, human animality, and the human-animal distinction: A constitutive knot in ecological degradation. Micucci, Kara Hanson Achievement, school integration, and self-efficacy in single-sex and coeducational parochial high schools.

Mijares, Bianca Miami is a paradise. Miami is home. Monsam, Angela Carving the eighteenth-century corpus: Early modern anatomy and the writings of Pope, Richardson, Godwin, and Baillie. Murphy, Hilary Exploratory model of multicultural personality, bicultural competence, minority stress, and the impact on college persistence.

Navarro, Lauren Christie Foodways and gender relations in the American naturalist novel. Ngo, Hong Assessing acceptability of mindfulness meditation as a form of mental health treatment for depression among Chinese Americans. Occhiogrosso, Gabrielle College student involvement and leadership: Studying learning and living communities at Lasallian institutions. Olbert, Charles Mason On the mathematical coherence of psychiatric diagnostic categories: A framework for quantifying heterogeneity attributable to polythetic diagnostic criteria.

O'Toole, M. Kylee Teacher self-efficacy and consultation within a response to intervention framework. Overty, Joanne Filippone The monastic choir books of San Sisto in Piacenza and the production of liturgical manuscripts in fifteenth-century Italy. Paggi, Michelle Erin Occupational self-efficacy and expectations for future job performance in older workers. Park, Saemi Aggregating multiple probability intervals to improve their calibration. Pilecki, Brian C The role of memory modification in the treatment of childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Proestler, Nina Miriam Global climate change: Distinguishing facts from beliefs. Purpura, Ashley Marie Flexible fixity: Theorizing, realizing, and negotiating Byzantine ideals of ecclesiastical hierarchy. Rittenhouse-Cea, Holly Evaluating the effects of training in incidental teaching in instructors of students with autism. Rohlehr, Lia Nicole The moderating effects of resilience in the relationship between childhood physical abuse, criminal behavior, and antisocial traits. Rosario, Gloria Yvette Instructional culture in transfer high schools: The role and leadership of principals.

Sandberg, Kevin John Listening in religious education: The gift of self in the face of uncertainty. Satkowski, Laura Beth Social and internal factors influencing the child care preferences and choices of immigrant mothers. Savior, Richard David The impact of university religious affiliation on presidential leadership practices. Schatten, Heather T The roles of social stress and decision-making in non-suicidal self-injury.

Senland, Amie K A mixed methods analysis of moral reasoning and empathy during the transition to adulthood in young adults with a high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Shi, Yi The malleability of moral identity: You know better who you are through moral self-evaluation. Simpson, Colleen Early alert in community college: Student success, persistence, and retention in developmental courses.

Straus, Hildy An examination of personal and organizational factors and paraeducator self-efficacy. Swartvagher, Marc Edwin Responsible discipleship: The case for a new rite of confirmation. Vandenberg, Margaret Using mouth and hand pictures to teach the alphabetic principle to Spanish-speaking English learners. Vargas, Angela Patricia The identity development of urban minority boys in single mother households. Viviano, Thomas Francis Global self-esteem, perceived social support, and the psychosocial adjustment of adolescents exposed to cyberbullying.

Full text of "Geography And Development A World Regional Approach"

Vuotto, Stefanie C Modeling pathways to health behaviors of young-adult survivors of childhood cancer. Waickman, Caitlin Tenants united: Navigating allies and adversaries in housing movements. Wang, Xian Organellar genome evolution and phylogeographic relationships among populations of freshwater brown algae: Heribaudiella fluviatilis, Bodanella lauterborni and Pleurocladia lacustris.

Wiener, Saul A Digitalk's appearance in middle and high school students' classroom writing: Perception versus reality. Williams, Norissa Does cultural competence moderate treatment outcomes for depressed ethnic minority adolescents? Wilson, Monique Donnell Neurocognitive and whole-system reactions to covert racial discrimination-induced stress. Wire, Micaela The effects of peer norms and ethnic identity on academic achievement in urban minority students. Wolf, Helen M Abundant grace: The religious educational dimensions of peer ministry programs at Catholic colleges and universities.

Wynne, Heather Marie Integrating the demonstration orientation and standards-based models of achievement goal theory. Zaharopoulos, Mira Racial-cultural events in group counseling as perceived by group therapists. Alexander, Marissa Miller Dyadic adjustment among mothers of children with anorexia.

Allen, Jeremy J A groundwork for a politics of remembrance: Between self-enclosure and recognition. Almonte, Debby Evelyn The contributions of parenting and the media to Latino adolescents' ethnic identity development. Altschuler, Elizabeth Natural youth mentoring and resiliency in low-income adolescents. Amankwa-Danquah, Philip Effective multimedia design from the adolescent user's perspective. Andronico, Karen Beth Building a positive culture for school improvement: Teachers' perceptions of assistant principals' departmental leadership.

Artiles, Dagoberto The rise of American urbanized suburban high schools: Teachers' perceptions of leadership. Bernardo, Travis Joseph Molecular mechanisms of E75 activation by hydroxyecdysone and juvenile hormone.

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Bradley, Brian Michael Principals' perspectives on using value-added data to strategically plan for organizational improvement. Brennan, William Vincent School principals and virtual learning: A catalyst to personal and organizational learning. Brunner, Jessica Marie The relationship between executive functioning and writing skill in adolescence. Carlsen, Steven W Relative performance of banking and insurance through the financial crisis. Casco-Vazquez, Sandra Examining the relationship of problem solving style to school achievement in high school students. Casen, Sara Therapists' experience working with at-risk youth in Orthodox Jewish communities: A phenomenological study.

Chua, Kevin C The international transmission of inflation in a managed float regime. Condorson, Alfonso Ralph R. And then what? Cornell Goldwitz, Elizabeth The Einstein phenomenon: Modern American writers and the popularization of relativity theory. Crawford, Erika D Serving them is killing me: Using technology as a vehicle for self-care for bi-vocational pastors in the Black Church.

Cubbellotti, Stephen Exploring the application of nonparametric item response theory techniques to alternate assessments. Damell, Kristie Women's leadership identity development as former student government presidents. DiMuzio, Claudine Ann Leadership practices of the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction: Their roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness. Fietzer, Alexander William A quasi-experimental test of multicultural personality using behavioral game theory. Finley, Robert African American urban high school assistant principals: Self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and aspirations to be a principal.

Fontanella, Jessie Anne Diabetes treatment adherence: Role of working alliance, locus of control, and social-cognitive factors. Furtado, Christina Anne Bloody, strange, and unnatural women: Advertising on early modern English title pages, Gode, Michele Lynn The role of opinion leaders in the effectiveness and acceptance of alternative education programs.

Gospodarzec, Krzysztof The perceptions of youth ministers' leadership role in the catholic regional church. Goss, Clifford D Essays on military service, employment, and education. Graham, Kenneth Mathematics and science acceleration in grade eight: School leaders' perceptions and satisfaction. Hadjikyriakou, Despina Neuropsychological functioning of insomnia patients and normally sleeping persons. Hagan, Robert Michael Academic achievement success for ESL students: An approach to school organization, leadership, and programs.

Hashimoto, Naoko Positive stereotyping of doctoral psychology trainees of color in multicultural competence training. Holder, Aisha M. B Experiences of racial microaggressions and coping strategies of Black women in corporate America. Horan, Jacqueline M A prospective, longitudinal examination of the influence of childhood home and school contexts on psychopathic characteristics in adolescence.

Hoskins, Christine Elizabeth Consultant empathy, teacher efficacy, and perceptions of school-based consultation. Hughes, Margaret Irene Sculpting the moral man: Josef Pieper on the perception of beautiful art in moral formation. Humphries, Jean Marie Exploring students' questions, reading motivations, and processes during comprehension of narrative text. Hussey, Maureen P Job-embedded professional development: How school leaders create and support the structures for improved teacher effectiveness.

Jean-Paul, Max R Urban principals' understanding of cyber bullying: New role in school leadership. Joncich, Adam Mindfulness, role balance, behavioral engagement, and success among college transfer students. Jones, Joshua David The re-creation of the world: Power, property and globalism in modern pastoral and agrarian fiction of the 18th and 20 th centuries. Kajankova, Maria The negotiation of power and dual relationships as occurring in counselor training groups. Knight, Catherine Statewide study of school public relations personnel: Roles, responsibilities, relationships, and budget vote outcomes.

Koch, Cara Elise Media exposure and self-esteem of gay and lesbian young adults. Kowalczyk, Martha J Categorization of information and decision-making: A developmental perspective. Kramer, Michael G From a culture of violence to a culture of hope: Creating Sanctuary in a residential treatment facility. Kucharski, Paul Louis The possibility of a Thomistic personalism. Landy, Kathleen Elizabeth Enabling district structure: The relationship between perceived district structure and principal self-efficacy.

Lanfredi, Carolyn Stephanie Formal dance training, cognitive ability, and academic performance of adolescent females. Lawrence, Cooper The relationship between television viewing and the political knowledge and behaviors of the emerging adults. Leaks, Rakeda Antwanece Selecting effective teachers for urban elementary charter schools: Effects of decentralization on principals' decisions.

Lew, Rebecca Tesser Predictors of anorexia nervosa preoccupation and ritual severity. Lynn, Sarah Jean Teacher burnout and its relationships with academic optimism, teacher socialization, and teacher cohesiveness. Mandelbaum, Matthew Gary Problem-solving style, teaching style, and teaching practices among in-service teachers.

Manenti, Rene Migration and borders: The "Casas del Migrante" and the flow of unauthorized migrants. Manocchi-Verrino, Carol J The evolution of science literacy: Examining intertextual connections and inquiry behaviors in the classroom. Marciano, Gerard Jude Moving from clinical practice to academe: An analysis of career change for physician assistants. Maruyama, Ryo Differences between the effect of personality on functional outcome on patients with spinal cord injury and other neurologic conditions.

Mcandrew, Linda Deconstructing gender in revised feminist fairy tales. Mcgarry, Richard M Religious education at the cineplex: Film as showing how. McGowan, Stephanie Koprowski Charter schools application, funding, and facilities: How leadership influences the process in New Jersey. McKnight, Jacqueline Odell African American women and substance abuse: The impact of cumulative disadvantages and attachment patterns on addiction severity and treatment participation.

Mebane, Michael W Pricing non-deliverable options on the Chinese yuan. Miyawaki, Michael Hajime The racial identity of the offspring of Latino intermarriage: A case of racial identity and census categories. Mumm, John The standpoint we share: An intersubjective constructivist account of normative reasons.

Nickols, Riley Aaron The relationship between self-confidence and interpretation of competitive anxiety before and after competition. Nixon, Mark Geoffrey The economic foundations of modern Catholic social teaching: Past and prospect. Osborne, Catherine Rhiannon American Catholics and the art of the future, — Padilla, Roberto Turnaround principals in urban schools: Case studies of leadership and process.

Park, Min-Kyung S Explicit instruction and priming of achievement goals: Effect on risk-taking behavior. Popilskis, Lindsay Beth The link between students' achievement goals and perceptions of the classroom environment. Por, Han-Hui Improving the assessment of subjective probabilities of joint and conditional events. Portnoy, Lindsay Blau What's in a domain: Understanding how students approach questioning in history and science. Raghavan, Sumithra Factor structure and measurement invariance of the brief symptom inventory in survivors of torture and severe trauma.

Rahman, Nazia Samejima items in multiple-choice tests: Identification and implications. Ramos, Erica Acculturation and achievement goal orientation of Latino students. Reggio, Phyllis F Application of feminist phase theory in educational leadership textbooks: A developmental analysis. Rober, Daniel Arthur Recognizing the gift: Towards a renewed theology of nature and grace. Rodriguez, Isabel Alexa Ethnicity and age of initial symptom onset as predictors of neurocognitive performance and adaptive functioning among children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Ruckdeschel, Daniel Egbert Objective and subjective social class, locus of control, and global self-worth in predicting dropout.

Sakworawich, Arnond Developing models and applying Bayesian decision theory for standard setting in college placement. Scheiner, Diane L The contribution of posttraumatic stress disorder to verbal learning and memory performance profiles in major depression. Scholtz, Mary Elizabeth Factors influencing change in school psychologists' diagnosis of specific learning disability. Schwartz, Amanda Robyn Risk factors for relational aggression among college students in peer relationships.

Stimmel, Matthew Mechanisms of change in treatments of posttraumatic stress disorder: Investigating the mediating effects of negative mood state and therapeutic alliance. Stone, Mary M Emerging executive functions during the preschool years: Advancing measurement and theory. Tarantello, Patricia F Advertising authorship: Writers, publicity, and American literary culture, Teague, James Brian Safe environment training: Effects on Catholic schoolteachers' and administrators' school security and satisfaction.

Tillsley, Mark Wesley The Salvation Army corps officer: A territorial survey of vocational preparation, role, efficacy, and ministry satisfaction. Trangucci, Karen A The supervisory working alliance and self-efficacy of school psychology graduate interns.

Trapani, Catherine Schuler Multilevel modeling of cognitive ability in highly functioning adults. Vick, Brandon Essays on imperfect labor markets, job mobility, and the gender earnings gap. Weiss, Rebecca Differentiating genuine versus feigned posttraumatic stress disorder in a sample of torture survivors. Wenzel, Dorothy Ann Exploring the supervision experiences of student affairs mid-level leaders in Catholic higher education.

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Zito, Joseph Matthew Career college leaders: Meeting the challenges of student graduation and gainful employment. Abbassi-Zoabi, Manal J Discrimination, ethnic identity, and social support as predictors of self-efficacy in Arab American adolescents. Allen, Veleka Multidimensional scaling of noncognitive assessments: Application to the Situational Test of Emotional Understanding. Alperin Bohn, Heather Day- and after-school goal structures' impact on goal orientations, self-efficacy, and performance.

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  • Yugoslavia's Sunny Side: A History of Tourism in Socialism (1950-1980)!
  • Electrolytes at Interfaces?
  • Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths.

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