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Frances writes to Bernard —. Anything I came up with on my own would sound like my asking for a pony for Christmas. I struggled a little with putting Frances and Bernard in an appropriate historical and social context. What was expected of Bernard and Frances at that time? To what extent was their conduct considered scandalous? But old habits die-hard and I decided to give it another chapter.

And then the tempo of the book changed.

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From religion and spirituality to mental illness and romance. What did I love?

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The love affair unfolds perfectly and the opportunity to see it from different perspectives was fabulous. The use of letters to tell the story made me nostalgic for a time when we wrote letters and made me wonder about the cost of email and social media.

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Frances is restrained, measured and occasionally sharp; Bernard is extravagant, passionate and loud. Very perverse and un-Percy, a vacation in Miami.

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I send my regards to Julia and her family. Peel an orange on a patio for me… Bernard.

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I worship it. I loved, admired and devoured it; didn't want it to end. What is better than a good novel in letters? A great one. Carlene Bauer has written a book that is dear, brilliant, and unforgettable. A lovely surprise. This remarkable method of storytelling provides snapshots of the events that shape the story. The two correspondents in Carlene Bauer's book, along with their families and friends, come wittily alive in the letters they exchange, and those letters end up accumulating a terrific narrative and emotional force.

Bauer recaptures a time in which people took one another more seriously, an era when they still inclined toward epistolary explorations instead of self-promoting tweets. Frances and Bernard is one of the best first novels I've read in years. A slim book, it still seems to say all of the important things about friendship, faith, love, the literary life, and especially the costs of living as an artist while still inhabiting the real world. Instead of heading home, I stood in the parking lot and finished the book right then and there.

Frances and Bernard

I did not merely love Frances and Bernard; I worried myself sick over them. And the prose!

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So delectable you could eat it for dessert. The letters between Frances and Bernard-- which begin as witty, sometimes wary, and full of unusual confidences about love and spiritual matters-- explode with passion on the page. Frances Tiafoe AtlantaOpen pic. There were no breaks of serve in the deciding set with Tomic, who also lost in the first round of the Hall of Fame Open last week, claiming the single mini-break in game five of the tie-breaker.

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