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Psychosomatic Medicine and QOL. Show abstract Hide abstract. I wish to describe the outline of my life work of establishing the concept and practice of the Japanese psychosomatic medicine based upon the Oriental mind-body non-dualism. Soon after the introduction of biopsychosocial medical model Engel I proposed to add an ecological bioethical factor to this model.

For the similar reason I developed the concept of alexisomia and alexicosmia in addition to that of alexithymia Sifneos. Secondarily, I advocated that the Oriental preventive and therapeutic approaches which activate self-healing vital energy Qi must be re-evaluated as the core of Western psychosomatic medicine which combines somatic treatment and psychotherapy. Thus truly holistic understanding and treatment of the patient in Japanese psychosomatic medicine can not only be a core of modern medicine but also a root for overcoming the world crisis at present.

I have found the essential role of Oriental somatopsychic selfcontrol such as Zazen. Yoga, Qi-gong etc. Thus the concomittant use of these somatopsychic selfcontrols with various psychotherapies usually deepen the patient's experiential level and heightens the effect of psychotherapies. Our study on the cases of spontaneous regression of cancer, where the awakening to existential aspects of human beings induced by the sentence of incurable terminal cancer seems to stimulate psychoneuroimmunological activity to the maximal degree, may provide the concept of Oriental psychosomatic medicine based on existential philosophy with a scientific proof.

The concept of QOL which was originated from the bioethical concept at terminal care is recently widely spreading all over the medical practice, especially for the purpose of holistic evaluation of the effect of various drugs, surgical operations, care for the aged and terminal cases etc. This tendency will contribute to the penetration of biopsychosocioethical concept to all fields of medicine and heighten the concern of social public to biopsychosocioethical medicine.

However, too simple methods for the evaluation of QOL, which are inclined to miss the complex psychophysical mechanisms explored by the orthodox psychosomatic medicine must be re-evaluated by the orthodox psychological texts and biopsychosocioethical interviews.

Sleep Disorders - Dr. Ravi Aysola - UCLA Health

Thus, we are planning to support the sound development of QOL as a part of biopsychosocioethical medicine. Download PDF 67K. Download PDF 56K. Era of the Society of the Aged and Psychosomatic Medicine. The population of the aged over 65 years is rapidly increasing in Japan. We are having more and more aged people who are suffering from frail body and mind.

Are Sleep and Its Disorders of Interest for Psychiatric and Psychosomatic Medicine?

So physicians who are engaged in psychosomatic medicine should be the primary physicians for them. I consider that the prevalence of neurosis among the elderly people is quite high. The level of blood pressure of the aged is very unstable and the author demonstrated a case which revealed elevation of his blood pressure during watching the television of his favourite sumo wrestler. Encouragement of the aged is to let them live in more pleasant life and let them understand the following remarks : "Now that we've added years to people's lives, it is also our responsibility to add life to their years" Dr.

Howard A. It is our job to let the dying patients close their eyes in gentle way with the mind of aequanimitas. I consider that the psychosomatic medicine should also be supported by primary care medicine and holistic medicine.

Sleepless Nights Linked to High Blood Pressure | UANews

Download PDF 61K. The neuronal and immune systems are ontogenically independent organs with an independent function which preserves the homeostasis of the body. The recent evidence provided information that immune system could be activated by non-antigenic stimulus e. The information on bidirectional communication between the neuronal and immune systems has been growing, while increasing evidence suggests that neuromodulators released from the neuronal systems influence the immune cells.

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In addition, the activated immune cells release an array of immunomodulators that influence the physiologinc function of the nervous system. An attempt was made to recover the altered immune function following the exposure to stress by the treatment of the olfactory system with various fragrances. Through the deta with the experimentally designed models it was also defined that the individual sensitivity to the fragrances was found to be modulated by the genetic background of the individual.

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Substance P SP , a potent neuropeptide, which localezed to sensory nerves and released by many physiological stimuli included in stress, has been implicated in airway neurologenic inflammation. We have studied the effects of capsaicin CAP -induced tachykinin release and exogenously applied SP on eosinophil EOS recruitment into the airway in guinea pigs in vivo.

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  8. This is exactly what is required for proper relaxation according to the modem scientific investigations. Lack of faith in the Almighty Creator is one of the theories of psychological disorders leading to psychoneurosis and psychoses. This can be understood from the knowledge of the mechanisms of development disorders. Man is constantly exposed to stress conditions. It is not possible to avoid stress in life.

    One tries to adjust to the stresses of life by methods which he has learned as well as by the inherited tendencies of reactions to stress. The effect of this stress reaction will depend upon the severity on stress and on the power of adaptation of the individual to stress. If stress is mild an dpower of adaptation is good, the reaction results in an adjustment which is beneficial to the individual.

    However, if the stress is severe and adjustment poor, it results in major mental disorders psychosis. A person who has the faith in Allah the Alkmighty and He is with Him, has an intense moral support which will sustain him in th emost adverse situations in life. Hadith Sharif mentions extensively of the importance of the virtues of remembrances of Allah and the Holy Quran bears a testimony to it in the following words:. It is logical to conclude that believing in one Allah as preached by Islam provides the real moral support as needed in life and bestows satisfaction of heart.

    In the light of the foregoing discussion, it is obvious that one who believes that the troubles of this Dunia are nothing but emporary and Dunia is Fani, and there is a life hereafter, will be content with whatever he gets in this world. Those who do not have faith in life hereafter are totally dprived of this benefit. Those who believe in a temporary life hereafter will be partially deprived of this benefit and those who believe that they will get the rewards of all their deeds in the world only, should be expected to have an effect of fear rather than relief.

    The faith in destiny and in the life hereafter as is preached by Islam should definitely be the most effective sustainer for anybody. In the so-called 'most advanced places', it is a fact that people do not know even their immediate neighbours.

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    The scientific significance of keeping good relations with neighbours is being appreciated only recently with the observations of Hans Seley, known as the father of the science of Stress. He has concluded that the most important factor affecting mental peace is having good relations with neighbours. In most of the religions good relations with neighbours has been emphasized. But the meaning of aneighbour and the type of relations to be kept with neighbours is very comprehensive in Islam.

    As for the definition of a neighbour, in Islam all persons living in the 40 houses from the houses of an indiviudal, in all directions, are his neighbours. As regards the rights of the neighbours; these are extensive in Islam. Hazrat Gibrail stressed so much on the right of neighbours that once it appeared to Rasool pbuh that neighbours may have a share in the property of a person.

    Thus one can appreciate the status of a neighbour as considered in Islam. It is the faith of all Muslims that all the teachings of the Prophet pbuh are the best of the actions. The psychiatrist will definitely realise their significance when he will look at it in an unbiased perspective. The posture one adopts while sleeping reveals a lot about the personality of the person, his attitude towards life and so on.

    Lying down in bed relaxes the muscles of the body and the degree of relaxation is determined by the sleep posture adopted by the person. In the semifoetal position the person lies on his side with arms and legs partially folded. The limbs are not kept in an exactly opposed position. In terms of physical comfort, in this position it is possible to turn from side to side without undoing the set configuration of the body position. It is supposed to be the best position in terms of physical comfort. It has, therefore, been considered as the best position for relaxation.

    According to an old proverb the kings are known to prefer to sleep on their back, the rich man on his stomach and th ewise man on his side. These abovementioned observations bear testimony to the superiority of sleeping in semi-flexed position on one side.