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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 1. Wild Rain by Christine Feehan. To escape an assassin, Rachael finds sanctuary in… More. Shelve Wild Rain. Book 2.

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Burning Wild by Christine Feehan. Shelve Burning Wild. Book 3. Wild Fire by Christine Feehan. Leopard shifter Connor Vega carries the scent of… More.

Leopard People: The Awakening

Shelve Wild Fire. Book 4. Savage Nature by Christine Feehan. When Saria Boudreaux finds a dead body in the Lou… More. Shocked and uncertain, Siena returns home. Then her grandfather is murdered and she believes she knows who is at fault.

Leopard's Fury

So she flees in search of someone to protect her and runs into Elijah again. Only to find herself embracing her wild side of the leopard that has always been a part of her. She is attacked and practically mauled and Elijah steps in and saves the day. There are mixed emotions on both sides…. He was raised by a mob family…. He was forced to do despicable things. He got out as soon as he could and formed an alliance with his friends and formed his elite business.

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Elijah is a hard man, he was shaped by the worst of the worst…. Elijah makes mistakes and his largest one is when it comes to Siena Arnotto.

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He has always held an attraction to Siena and is driven to claim her. Elijah was a hero that if you love Alpha Males…. He is dominating, controlling, possessive and jealous. He is stubborn but driven and determined. I really loved seeing his bond with his friends—Drake, Rafe, Joshua. Siena Arnotto lost her parents and ended up being raised by her grandfather. But now she has returned to live with him, and there are certain aspects that make her nervous and unsure. But when the worst happens, and her grandfather is murdered…she is being hunted and her only salvation is her teenage crush Elijah Lospostos.

Siena was a heroine that I liked reading for the most part but not completely. She is very sweet and nurturing, but she was a fighter at times. My only problem with her is I felt like she should have stood up to Elijah more. I would have liked to see more backbone when it came to Elijah. What I loved about her was her sense of humor and her carefree and playfulness. Your email address will not be published.

But when that pulse-throbbing moment ends in the murder of an unexpected intruder, Elijah accuses the shaken and confused Siena of setting him up. Siena has lived a very sheltered life. She has been in boarding school for as long as she can remember and the days she was able to leave school were spent with her loving grandfather.

But there have always been a lot of secrets, and Siena has always felt alone. But it really does. Siena and Elijah have a powerful connection and Elijah is not willing to ever let Siena go. Even if that means he has to force her. The characters in this book are very intriguing. For one we have Siena, a young woman who has lived her life under the protection of her grandfather. I mean.. Thinking her grandfather is only in the wine business, while he needs to be surrounded by big masculine bodyguards..

Wild Cat (Leopard Series #8)

In the beginning during her conversations with Elijah, she also seemed very tame, but I loved how her temper came up near the end of the book. Elijah is tough as nails on the outside. There has been stories about his family for a long while, and he seems to be living up to this reputation. But when he is near Siena, he becomes a very different man.

Wild Cat (Leopard People, #7) by Christine Feehan

He still has a bad temper, and is controlling as hell.. And although they were good to read about, in the end they began to feel like too much. And just like with the other Leopard series book I read, the man are just too arrogant.

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I would have been a very bad woman to these Leopard man. Overall this story was fun, sweet and definitely sexy. I liked the connection between Siena and Elijah and the way they definitely loved each other.