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United Arab Emirates. Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid. The structure would be approximately 14 times as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza , and would house , people.

Visionary in Residence: Stories

If built, it will be the largest man-made structure on Earth. The Netherlands. A super-tall skyscraper designed by architect Omero Marchetti as part of his proposed "ethic city" concept. The aims of the project are to reach a nautical mile in height while "not using concrete, orthogonal grids, traditional systems, mortars, [and] cranes. Sky Mile Tower is the central hub of Next Japan, a visionary project that would serve as a combatant for climate change by serving as a dam and supplying water to its 55, residents. The complex and Sky Mile Tower's plans are being reviewed by Tokyo's administration as of 7 February China Hong Kong.

Shanghai and Hong Kong have both expressed serious interest.

My vision: Renovate the home to embrace the surrounding views.

Mubarak al-Kabir Tower. Drawn up by construction firm Takenaka for the city of Tokyo in , its design was the first of the modern super-tall mega-structures to gain serious attention and consideration by any government.

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Buenos Aires Forum. If built, it would be the tallest building in the world. As of [update] , no construction has been started. Europa Tower Brussels. Europa Tower was a skyscraper project designed by L35 Arquitectos. The tower is articulated in nine modules, the first one is meters high and next ones are 96 meters high. Millennium Tower Tokyo. A Skyscraper that is envisioned by Norman Foster. If built, it would be taller than the world's current tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

It would be located in the Tokyo Bay. South Korea. Bengaluru Turf Tower. Philippine Diamond Tower. Gateway Tower Chicago. The Gateway Tower Chicago is a proposed super-tall skyscraper, designed by American architectural firm Gensler as a replacement for the Chicago Spire site. The Port Tower is a project approved for construction in Karachi , the financial capital of Pakistan. The Hudson Spire is a supertall skyscraper proposed by a developer from Tishman Speyer as part of Manhattan's Hudson Yards development. Buronga, New South Wales. The Houston Tower was an envisioned skyscraper that would have been nearly 1.

Roughly 5, pounds of vintage American steel, leering grille, furious engine and spinning wheels. Luckily for those viewing the scene, the car is captured within the confines of a 5-foot-byfoot drawing, The Gatillac. Parked midair, the impressive 2D piece hides a bank of wires and weirdness splayed out behind it, connected to a sound system cranked to a woozy volume.

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The gallery walls surrounding the car are hung with other 2D and 3D pieces, some with their own playlists cranking. The sum experience evokes everything from a loud nightclub to a parking lot demolition derby—even a karaoke night gone haywire. Both are wearing light clothing, he in khaki shorts and a faded dress shirt, she in blue jeans and a light top. The pair are photogenic, even striking-looking, Aaron with his tousled black hair and light beard, Stevie with her blonde hair, sharp facial features and left arm sleeved in tattoos.

The Visionary-in-Residence is back in town

Both hold large water bottles and both appear flushed, as sweat starts to lightly dampen their reddening faces. Aaron and Stevie are the creators, curators and sole operators of Long Road Projects. An artist-in-residency program, Long Road Projects LRP is unique to the Northeast Florida arts scene, not only in the sense that visiting artists stay and work here, but that they agree to directly engage with locals and create a limited edition work while in residence.

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His work on display at CoRK plays this out, with recurring imagery of Cadillacs and other national signifiers, with a soundtrack coursing through the gallery space. Roughly 10 minutes have passed and the initial conversation seems to lull more from heat exhaustion than social awkwardness. No one argues as he leads the way toward the exit door, to quiet and air conditioning. L ong Road Projects is closing a gap that may have become only apparent once it was acknowledged, studied, strategized and filled. That is, outside of the artists who live here and the two museums bringing in artists.

So there is a need to trek in these artists.

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The Garveys pay for all food and art supplies. We are just doing whatever we can to make this work. All people hear about are these auctions and record-breaking sales. But people should realize that buying engaging, contemporary art is really feasible.

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Their flagship artist, Abaddon, lived and worked in a space, while creating woven tapestries composed of photographs, as well as creating a live-streaming and continuous, hour performance piece. Norris and Short were invited and then presented in this same uniform structure: stay, create, discuss and present. An enchanting gala to support access to innovative contemporary art programming and classes. Thank you for considering contributions in lieu of attendance and supporting art and education programs in your community.

In case of inclement weather, please consider your reservation a donation. Lux is a c 3 non-profit organization.

The Gala supports our mission to bring exceptional contemporary art and education into your community. Be INSPired. Be a member. Contact Us