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Your customers use video throughout the entire journey. Do you? We analyzed 75, YouTube campaigns. When creative and media come together, sparks fly. The next most effective ingredient: L-ascorbic acid. While the jury is still out on whether exposure is harmful, you can avoid it altogether by skipping products that list DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, or bronopol as an ingredient.

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Beware these 12 toxic ingredients found in beauty products. There are no testing guidelines or requirements governing their use. The FDA in found that shades of popular lipsticks contained trace amounts of lead.

Truth, Beauty, Nonparametrics, and Symmetry Plots

You may be inhaling toxic chemicals into your lungs and bloodstream. The FDA is studying the risks, but in the meantime, be sure to spray an aerosol into your hands first and then apply.

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Here are the sunscreens dermatologists use on themselves. Good brushes help you apply makeup evenly and blend it in so you look more natural.

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Try these mascara hacks for the best lashes. Made from animal fat and salt compounds, it strips your skin of its natural oils and proteins. Use a non-soap cleanser instead. Poison ivy is natural.


And like poison ivy, plenty of natural ingredients have compounds that can irritate your skin. Unscented products have masking fragrances to cover the odor of other chemicals.

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Instead of using liner underneath your eyes, line the upper inner rims waterlines of your eyes with a dark waterproof color. Every woman should know these eyeliner tips. With foundation, less is always more. Here are the secrets to finding the best foundation formula.

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A little bit of gold in your foundation will neutralize redness and counteract the gray pallor that accompanies aging on all skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, wear a shade that has brown, copper, bronze, plum, or terra-cotta tones.