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Lifestyle September 13, Lifestyle September 4, Lifestyle September 15, News August 28, News August 21, Lifestyle August 5, September 23, September 11, September 14, September 13, September 4, September 15, August 28, August 21, August 5, Eli Eli has 22 years of extensive IT sales expertise in Data, voice and network security and integrating them is his masterpiece. Imagine tearing a corner off of a random card.

With your hands completely away from the torn corner, it vi. Vanish 0. Kunard's Book of Card Tricks. In the decades since, it has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide, used to produce all sorts of stunning effects. However, limitations of the original design constrain these performances:. Show an envelope to the audience, and announce that you have a prediction written inside. You hand a business card to a spectator. Tell them to imagine that a playing card is printed on the card, and that you'll send them that playing card with your mind.

When they have a play. Golden Cups winner and celebrated motivational speaker Giovanni Livera takes you inside. Apex Control by Nevin Sanchez Instant Download From the mind of Nevin Sanchez a new control that allows you to control the card from the middle of the deck to the top. And yet you plainly see it happen.

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Nicholas has discovered a wormhole. Whether it's a slow change that melts their brain, or a quick eye-catcher, every card magician has a few up their sleeves. But our friend from New York, Rich Li, is sha. Freaky, easy and just in time for Halloween! First the color changes. Then the suit. All in front of your spectator's eyes!

It's easy to do, no reset, there are no flaps and it's always ready to go whenever you want to blow some minds. The possibi. Perfect Manipulation Balls 1. After years of testing, we proudly announce that our new manipulation balls are ready. Quarter Pounder by R. Built to last forever, and make miracles happen. Visually show the moment you read someone's mind.

Coins appear, vanish, magically travel from one hand to the other, you name it! Learn over twelve unique coin moves from Vietnam's underground coin master, Yuxu! The perfect effect to perform when you are in a loud bar or lounge and you cannot speak. They create stories with crafty plot twists. We can all learn from his ability to end a trick with a bombshell. His magic is so prolific that it has found its way into the repertoires of award-winning performers such as The Illusionist Star, Yu Ho Jin.

Signature While performing your favorite Ambitious Card sequence with your spectator's signed selection, you sign the back of the card. After the selection is placed in the center of the deck, you bri. Shin Lim: His magic must be seen to be believed. As he rates an "11" on the scale of amazing, when you see his magic live, you will rub your eyes in disbelief! He creates some of THE most visual and stunning magic that you will. Extra-White by Mr.

Magic - Trick Looking for the perfect rope for your rope routines? Super soft, extra white. It cuts softer than butter, as it's made of woolen yarn, and braided without a core. Perfect for all cut and restored effects. Do you perform The Professor's Nightmare effect, in which the ropes change size? You'll love h. Not only is he a seasoned and skillful performer, but his routines range from the professional to the quirky and everywhere in between.

His routines are filled with a witty charm that is a testament to an imagin. Kevin Li takes the classic Cardini change to new heights with his brilliant new move. As you casually toss your deck of cards from one hand to the other, the face up card on top instantly changes! Here at SansMinds, we've assembled a few of our favorite sleight-of-hand effects from Rich, into a project we promise you'll enjoy.

Each effect contains its own mystery betwee. Also includes a fun deck switching utility! Tell them to imagine that a word is printed on the card, and that you'll send them that word with your mind. When they have a word in their mind,. His routines are tried and tested for almost a decade and are guaranteed to elicit laughter, astonishment and roaring applaus.

Matrix dice 2. Show a spectator a beautiful, black silk scarf. Blow on the scarf, and a beautiful image of a rose appears on the scarf! Super visual! Then fold the scarf, and magically produce a large rose out of nowhere! This gets amazing reactions. Pelican Gimmick by Akira Ishizaki - Trick This gimmick is a revolutionary concept in magic for productions of items. As with your standard "thumb tip" style techniques which you're already familiar, you can produce, transform or vanish many items.


These could include large silks, a stack of coins, large quantities of salt, and several live. I will be More mindful of the effect my extreme magic has on some people. We had fun and thank you for the great hospitality. We look forward to next year and a new program. Thank you Rahim for a fantastic day today, we all had a great time and enjoyed both you and the show! We appreciated your kid appropriate humor and patience with our big group. There is nothing better than the sound of 36 six year olds giggling!!!

Congratulations on a successful event.

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And thank you Tina for inviting me to your son Parker's birthday. You are an excellent party planner and host. I had fun with all the kids and I believe the more energy they have the better and your group had energy. If ever you need entertainment you know who to call. I was captivated by the beats, the possibilities of the rhythms and all the while dancing in my head to the beat of the drum. I loved that he exemplified the idea of being in a community; it was wholesome, family fun while learning cultural values.

All the children at the company event had a great time with Rahim. He was excellent and went with the flow of the night. We are very greatful! He did a great job entertaining both children and adults with his magic and humor! We were conpletely amazed one second and laughing the next!

He made not only the birthday boy feel special, but also included our teenager and his younger brother in a couple of acts. Very engaging and definitely worth every penny!

28 Reviews

We would definitely hire him again! Thank you for your reply and thank you for inviting me to your lovely home. I had a great time and I find it easy to entertain people who want to be entertained. Thank you for your hospitality and I enjoyed your family and I look forward to our next magical engagement.

28 Reviews

Rahim arrived early to introduce himself and see the best place to set up. He is a true professional and polished entertainer. I hired him for a twins 4th birthday children age range , he kept everyone laughing and in awe! Many of my guests asked for his info for their upcoming parties. Will hire again! Thank you for your feedback and for inviting me to perform at your children's birthday party.

I had a great time and that your audience was receptive and fun to work with. Thank you for your hospitality and for a great setup if your not, you should be a party planner. You did a great job. I Iook forward to our next engagement. Rahim was great! He he showed up on time, super friendly and very professional.

He had everyone in tears from laughter. The kids were so entertained and the parents were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what was next. I had a pretty diverse crowd and everyone was impressed with his performance! The time went really fast and I wish he could've stayed longer!

Thank you very much for your review I had an awesome time at your backyard party your hospitality was preciate it and thank you for your professional response. Hope you're young magician continues to practice his Magic tricks and he will reach his goals. Extreme Rahim was wonderful.

He was on time and very professional. Reviews among participating guest was very positive. Those that did not participate enjoyed the show, and stated " Thank you Phyllis for your confidence and for your invite to the st. Rita's Festival. I had an awesome time performing a minute drum circle on stage with volunteers. Thank you for your help. Thank you Raul I had a wonderful time with the children parading around making magic fun with them it was a blast and your guests were all nice and polite.

I Look forward to the next event. Rahim delivered an Excellent and Entertaining Show. Webster Elementary loved and enjoyed each act. Thank you for your invitation to be part of the Webster Elementary School black history program I enjoyed myself your students were the light and very respectful it shows that your teachers and Staff Care about our students. Thank you we look forward to our next enriching engagement. Expert magician, very funny, completely family friendly but entertaining to all ages.

Also very professional, prompt and reliable. Hire him! The show was amazing. The children laughed and were entrigued. They were having so much fun and learning at the same time. The African drumming and songs along with trivia facts about past magician made everyone think and say, Wow! The audience participation was a major highlight of the assembly. I look forward to having Mr. Rahim back. You are welcome and thank you for your feedback. The children you're a delight to my spirit and always make me feel young again.

I look forward to the next event. My huge clan including my family of four plus ten of my siblings with their spouses and kids had Extreme Rahim over for our annual Christmas party. We laughed so hard almost all of us cried! I really appreciated that he had original custom jokes for our Filipino culture too! As the headline states, Extreme Rahim was professional, personal, and a great performer! He has hosted various events for multiple agencies that I've worked for throughout the years.

This events that he has facilitated include a staff retreat with an interactive "Drum Circle", Black History Month with facts cloaked in magic tricks and impressions, and a Family Night which allowed parents and students to bond and create memorable moments. In each case he was well prepared and tailored the event to the specific audience which left participants laughing, smiling, and much more knowledgeable about themselves and others around them more so than they were before his performance. His services, which are affordable and offer outstanding value, is highly recommended for all audiences and age groups!

For many years Extreme Rahim has been an amazing part of our daughter's birthday celebrations. We've had her birthday parties at various locations across the county and he has always brought his equipment everywhere we've set-up. His magic is wonderful, he's also sang with the children with drums and got them up on their feet, or quiet as a mouse. Whatever you need, he really works with you!

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He's been the part of the party where you can just step back and relax and mingle with parents - who always love him! Always punctual, never a billing issue. He has been coming to my daughter's parties since she was four - and now she's nearly a tween!