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They've been brought up believing that they are not to indulge in the things in life that make them happy and that you can only have "so much" but not the whole enchilada! That's absurd! Why on earth can you not do what you love, be with who you want to be, create the hobbies and interests that you want to cultivate, build the life that is your optimal existence.

If you're not hurting others, and what you want is not at someone else's expense, you deserve to pursue all that makes you happy. Are you afraid to go after it? Do you think you may not succeed? You won't be able to attain it? Is the risk not worth the reward? You need to prioritize yourself and begin to create the framework for what you want.

Moral: Don’t fucking tell me I can’t have cake | The Bloggess

These can be small reinventions -- baby steps towards the bigger goal. But start setting your sights on what you want from your life and be clear about how to get there. I often talk about creating that roadmap -- without it you just won't get there or be able to chip away at the obstacles with clarity if you can't define the path for yourself. Here's what I do to stay the course, after I've identified something that I want to embrace or tackle as a new part of "project me" Every night I go to bed, thinking about the few major things I want to accomplish the next day or on Sundays, for the next week -- in which case I write it down.

Sometimes they are personal goals, some are business goals and tactical plans Taking a quick break from cake recipes today to get a little more personal.

Do you even eat it? I sure do! I try every single one of my cakes.

‘Have Your Cake and Eat It Too’

Digging into something I worked so hard to create, and something that tastes as amazing as I think my cakes do, is incredibly satisfying and makes me incredibly happy. Every bite of cake is worth every minute I spent creating that cake. So how do I balance all the cake in my life without packing on the pounds? I eat what I love and I eat what I know my body needs.

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I call it mindful eating. I own the choice I make to eat the cake or whatever indulgent treat it may be, and then the next meal or the next day, I take the opportunity to make healthy choices. For years food had two categories in my mind — good and bad. It was a skewed relationship and one that held me back from being my personal best for many years. Let me backtrack a bit to give you a better understanding of how I changed my relationship with food and why my new perspective on food has made me happier than I ever have been.

I bought my first diet pill when I was I had stopped working out, but continued making poor food choices, and gained a little weight. I then decided to increase working out and decrease what I was eating, by a lot. I still had a skewed relationship with food. I was so focused on looking a certain way, I failed to recognize and understand that God created me to be me, and not anyone else.

A Gentle Approach to Food and Your Body

I lost sight of my individual worth. I tried being a mediocre version of other people, rather than focusing on being the best version of myself.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'You can't have your cake and eat it'?

A couple years later, still with a poor relationship with food, my parents divorced and my world was rocked like I never knew it could be. I started experiencing depression and anxiety and turned to food for comfort. I gained quite a bit of weight over the next year.

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I spent the next two years battling these personal demons and wondering what was wrong with me. I knew I could be better.

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I knew I could make smarter choices when it came to working out and what I was eating. After Westin was born I started going to group classes at the gym. I loved the energy of the other people around me, trying to be their best and push themselves. Close Thesaurus. Synonyms and related words. To be in a good, better or pleasant situation: want for nothing , be the envy of , emerge Explore Thesaurus.

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